What better way to start the year than with a beta announcement? Trion Worlds has inked the date for the first beta test of Defiance set to take place from January 18th   to January 20th. While Defiance is aiming to be a multiplatform title, this beta test will only be for PC players. The first beta test will take players to the futuristic San Francisco bay area to take on the role of an ark hunter. Testing will include full access to the tutorial, access to the Waterfront competitive multiplayer map, the terrain of Mt. Tam and more.

is scheduled to launch alongside its television show counterpart in April. You can sign up for a chance to take part in the beta here.


PC Players the first to discover a new frontier!

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – JANUARY 3, 2013 - Defiance™, the highly anticipated online open world shooter, from Trion Worlds, is now inviting PC players to sign up for the very first beta event which kicks off on January 18th.

Participants in “Advanced Mission Beta 1” will be transported to a futuristic San Francisco bay area, and will take on the role of an ark hunter.  Part treasure hunter, part mercenary, ark hunters are genetically enhanced operatives who are fearless and lethal, dedicated in their mission to recover valuable alien technology and sell it to the highest bidder.

Players who participate in Advanced Mission Beta 1 will have full access to the tutorial, the expansive terraformed terrain of Mt. Tam, the Waterfront competitive multiplayer map, and the fierce Shadow War open world competitive multiplayer and Arkfall massive co-op boss battles.

Sign up for your chance to get into Advanced Mission Beta 1 by clicking enlist here: http://defiance.com/en/

The beta event is scheduled to start 8:00 AM PST on 1/18 and run through the weekend, ending at 9:00 PM PST on 1/20. The beta client will be playable in English, followed by other language versions at a future date.

Defiance is scheduled for release in April 2013, and can be pre-ordered online soon, and now at major games retailers.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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