I'm going to build a giant castle and reign terror on my foes. Excellent.

The first Lego Universe newsletter is out and they're looking for your ideas! So if you want to take part in shaping the upcoming Lego MMOG, sign up for their newsletter, jump on the forums, and voice your suggestions. Here's the newsletter:

Phew! Building an entire universe is a lot of hard work! That's why the entire LEGO Universe team is tickled that we're practically prepared to provide you with some peeks!

Nab Your Monthly Newsletter!

You're reading the very first LEGO Universe e-mail newsletter. Anyone signed up at http://www.legouniverse.com will find a fresh newsletter in their inbox every month. You have to be registered to get these goods, so be sure to tell your friends!

We're Devouring Your Ideas!

While our team breathes life into this creation, it's really the LEGO fans (that's YOU!) drawing the plans for the LEGO Universe. Your creativity and enthusiasm in the forums are inspiring us to make an online world you'll be wild about.

When posters like legoland100 and P-Chuck say they're ready to repel the forces of darkness, the LEGO Universe team hears! And your need for speed is loud and clear when jimq asks what types of zooming vehicles you want to steer!

Keep On Creating the LEGO Universe!

Our team needs extra help forming a few parts of the young universe. Save us with those things we love the most: your forum posts!

Name the monthly newsletter: Should it be called "News from the Universe"? "The Universal Gazette"? Something way cooler that you thought up? Post your proposals to the message boards!

Help design the LEGO Universe logo: Our new world is wanting for a snazzy symbol. Inspire us by uploading your ideas here http://universe.lego.com/uploadyourlogo/. A version of your graphic might be emblazoned on the game!

We hope every issue of this newsletter energizes your excitement for the LEGO Universe!

-The LEGO Universe Team

You can get all the info at http://www.lego.com/universe/.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016