Last week we reported on Frogster's problems with a particularly crafty hacker that managed to infiltrate their systems and compromise a number of user accounts for Frogster games. But the hacker also had an agenda of their own and made demands to Frogster on the Runes of Magic EU forums and later posted a number of account details and information to back up their threat. Frogster later involved the authorities and made changes to their account security system to try and prevent any further problems.

Unfortunately, Frogster's rather quick and heavy-handed changes created a few more problems for some players. The publisher added a new secondary password option to its games to try and add a little additional security for players, but the short notice post to players left some unaware and ended up getting a few players locked out of their accounts for a time. Needless to say, they were not happy.

In addition to the recent changes, Frogster has posted a new Q&A that explains how many known accounts were affected by the systems breach and what Frogster is doing in terms of investigative and security measures. In other news, the hacker doesn't seem to have made good on his/her threat of bringing down the game servers as of yet.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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