Runes of Magic players will be engaged by a new challenge soon. Frogster has announced details about a new 12 man raiding instance coming to the game with one of the coming updates. Players will need to brave the Aotulia Volcano to face off against the new flame dragon Gestero.

Of the five ancient dragon races, the flame dragons are the strongest and most powerful species. To fight and vanquish them is an almost impossible task. Yet, Taborean heroes are called to face up to the challenge, for the Naga have captured Gestero, a renegade flame dragon, possessed by demons. They want to use him to help them suppress the free people of Taborea. Whoever wants to stand in this fire-spewing monster’s way must penetrate deep into the fire of the Aotulia Volcano. On the way down into the crater, raid parties will find wave after wave of heavily armed elite Naga barring their way.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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