Robert E. Howard was a man who likely had no idea how influential his work would become. In June 1936 he took his own life, leaving behind a last few parting words of brilliance, but managed to live on in his works that have inspired people for decades and across multiple venues.

Funcom celebrates and remembers the life and works of Robert E. Howard whose stories were the driving force behind the life and creation of Age of Conan. Please read on to learn a little more about the legend behind Conan.

In the early hours of June 11th 1936, the well known pulp author and creator of characters such as Conan and Solomon Kane, shot himself with a pistol, outside his house in the village of Cross Plains in Texas. Even though his father, Dr. Isaac Mordecai Howard, did all he could to save his son's life, Mr. RobertErvin Howard died 8 hours later at 4pm. But the legacy of Robert. E. Howard is living up to this day.

In his room a lonely chair was standing in front of the table, where he had written all his stories on a mechanical typewriter. A last piece of paper had been fixed into it by Howard that fateful night, to write his last words:

"All fled, all done, so lift me on the pyre;
The feast is over and the lamps expire..."

73 years ago he took his own life but his stories would continue to influence generations to come. Not only did he inspire greatness in many fantasy writers and invented a whole new genre of fantasy - Sword and Sorcery - his stories, his worlds also went on to be recreated and brought to life in all different types of media.

While he is most famous for the creation of Conan the Cimmerian and bringing to life his own world - The Hyborian Age - in a unique, brutal and savage way, with words like thunder and lines that resonate in the reader's mind, his skill was not limited to this type of magnificent story telling.

He had shown his skill and perfection as a writer in many other types of stories and poems. His mind wandered beyond the imagination of most and told stories of the Great West, of a dark and twisted Europe in the times of Solomon Kane, of the long gone kingdom of Atlantis and its great KingKull and also more historical stories about strong and honest men and women and beautiful poetry, that complemented his unique melodic rhythm in writing.

He was a true Teller of Tales!

We thank you Robert E. Howard, for every line you delivered, for every character you have created and will further spread the knowledge of your legacy throughout the world. Rest in peace wherever you may be Robert E. Howard, through your stories you will live on.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016