GamersFirst announced that Fallen Earth would adopt a free-to-play model back in June and now we have new details about the free-to-play transition and what kind of other pricing plans players will have to choose from.

Among the pricing plan choices that players will have to choose from are Scavenger (Free), Survivalist ($9.99), Wastelander ($14.99) and Commander ($29.99). Each option comes with additional perks that increase with each option such as additional character slots, more storage space and Reward Point stipends. The biggest bang being the Commander option, which provides a 500 Reward Point stipend and the Commander’s Aura to group members, which increases the experience gains, salvaging speed, Random AP, Death Toll, and Faction gain rates, making them a favorite of groups and moochers everywhere.

Check out the image chart after the break for the benefits of each.

Source: Fallen Earth Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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