Yesterday GamersFirst announced that it had acquired Fallen Earth and today we get our first official blog from the free-to-play publisher.

The first blog under the new regime is written by Associate Game Director Joseph "Linus" Willmon and is encompasses much of the planned changes and payment models in a rather lengthy.

The post covers in length the plans for Fallen Earth’s free-to-play and premium models, which for free accounts can be limiting until you buy something, but at the same time, it’s a generous limit, allowing players to play from start to finish without ever buying a thing if they so choose. Unfortunately, free accounts are limited to a single character, so keep that in mind when making your free post-apocalyptic avatar.

The blog states that the full transition to the new freemium model is tentatively scheduled for Q4. But the final part about design priorities should strike a chord with many players.

Anyone who’s played Fallen Earth knows there are three core groups— sometimes always at odds with one another—that form the basis of the community: PvP players, PvE players, and Roleplayers. The design priorities for the future will look towards building specific features and content aimed at each group, making the world much more robust and, we hope, exciting to experience.

To that end, I offer you these enigmatic, fortune-cookie-like bits to make you salivate until a future blog expands upon them!

To the PvPers: Factions matter. Clans matter.

To the PvEers: Hope you brought your keys, because it’s time for you to drive this economy.

To the RPers: You are a beautiful snowflake. There’s no reason you can’t be a deadly snowflake too.

Source: Fallen Earth Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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