Star Trek Online isn't the only game ending its beta today as Hi-Rez Studios will be holding the final day of its beta for Global Agenda today as well. In a recent blog, the developers laid out the launch day activities planned for Global Agenda, but before the launch plans begin, the team has a put together plans for the final day of beta. Starting today, the team will be entering certain match-made PvP Missions and spawning bots normally reserved for Conquest gameplay and PvE missions. Players will get the chance to crew a bot or vehicle and even see how they might do against multiple real players and a Viking Boss.

On Wednesday, January 27th, the game will be available for download on Steam and players will be able install it ahead of time to be ready for the Early Start that begins on Friday, January 29th. Once players have downloaded the game they can activate it on the Global Agenda website. After players have registered they will be able to reserve their name. Current beta players will be given the option to keep the name they have or to choose a new one.

On Friday, January 29th, the head start will begin and players will be able to log in and play limited content.

The Global Agenda Live servers are expected to be available to play LIMITED CONTENT ONLY during most hours from Friday January 29, starting at ~3PM US Eastern (Noon US Pacific, 20:00 GMT) until Sunday, January 31, ending at ~5PM US Eastern (2PM US Pacific, 22:00 GMT).

Monday, February 1st, will be the official launch of the game, but Conquest Zones aren't scheduled to open until Tuesday.

Conquest Zones are expected to unlock for all players beginning on Tues., Feb. 2. In Global Agenda Conquest, player-formed agencies compete for scarce territory, resources, and technology on a persistent world map. Create and upgrade facilities, attack and defend territories, and engage in Base Raids, production, politics and deception on your way toward world domination. Global Agenda: Conquest is expected to require a subscription to play after March 3, 2010, so buy the game early to play free!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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