Say what? Horizons? Are you sure?

The Horizons: Empire of Istaria team announced today that they're going to be releasing a new live update for the game.

After more than a year of fierce debate, the Council of Elders has decided to approve reactivation of the Draak Academy teleport pad due to the increased level of Withered Aegis activity southeast of Harro. Adult dragons and hatchlings qualified to begin the Rite of Passage may speak with Brysmendrik regarding the requirements for attunement. The Council has also decided to permit bipeds who are, in V'Tieru's words, "of good character, respectful of our ways and traditions" to become attuned as well. Dragons wishing to sponsor a biped for attunement will need to secure the approval of their respective faction leader.

You can read all about the upcoming changes to the game at the Horizons community website.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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