How's this for weird news...

Apparently IGG, makers of upcoming MMOs Voyage Century Online and Myth War, had the rug pulled out from under their site. Going to their site now yields a "Server not found" error, probably powered by folks wanting to capitalize on or misspellings. Here's a snip for the official press release about the illegal acquisition:

For the benefit of online game-players, both of’s games now have their own new domains with full functionality intact: Voyage Century Online and Myth War Online. These domains will be the entryway for their respective games, until the original domain is reacquired. wishes to assure players that, while the “” domain was illegally acquired, absolutely no community information was compromised in any way. For information about, web surfers may visit the temporary holding site for at

IGG strongly condemns all occurrences of cyber-crime and will vigorously pursue legal action against the perpetrators of this domain theft.

Stay tuned for the final chapter of this mystery novel, though wouldn't a domain name theft be a pretty open and shut case if it's a case at all? Hopefully this isn't a grey goo-esque publicity stunt.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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