SOE boss John Smedley recently took to the PlanetSide 2 forums to deliver his latest State of the Game address to the community. In the brief post, Smedley revealed plans to continue to squash bugs and improve optimization with one “big improvement” coming in January. Smedley also took some time to discuss this weekend’s double XP event, plans to improve the infantry game, a new anti-vehicle weapon and the 6-month roadmap, which SOE plans to post in January to gather feedback from the community while the team works on a few other fun features such as orbital strikes.

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Judge Smed laid down the law on a few cheaters earlier this week.

The last thing that Smedley touched on was that big fly in the ointment of PlanetSide 2 – cheating. SOE dropped the banhammer on some cheaters this week, and Smed took to Twitter to discuss SOE's fight against cheating and his thoughts on those that use them. Smedley noted that there is no magical button to win the war on cheating, but that SOE has a dedicated team that works on finding and banning cheaters, and encouraged the community to report any suspected cases of cheating.

We are all aware of the cheaters who use aimbots and other tools. We are tracking and banning these people. I don't want to pretend there is a magic answer to this. We have a great deal of tools at our disposal and people who fight this every day. I assure you this is a top priority and with each patch you'll see us address more of the things we see and a lot of stuff that you may not. Please continue to report using the /report function. You may not see the drone strike but when the idiot disappears quietly and without fanfare just know our anti hacking team has no mercy and enjoys the job. Please help us fight the good fight and understand that this is a war and its one we won't stop fighting.

Source: PlanetSide 2 Forums

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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