Riot Games is continuing their efforts to bring positive reinforcement for good behavior in League of Legends. This week the new Honor system launched for League of Legends, allowing players to offer Honor points to enemies and allies following a match to show that they were good sports or helpful players.

Players will be given a limited amount of Honor to give to others after completing matches in a variety of categories such as Teamwork, Friendly, Helpful and Honorable opponent, but Riot Games warns against trading or spamming Honor to artificially inflate numbers. Those that do could face the wrath of the Tribunal.

All summoners have a limited amount of Honor to hand out, which is replenished by finishing matchmade games. For the average, responsible user, you will probably never run out of Honor. However, players who spam or trade Honor will soon find themselves with nothing left in the bank to award. If you see players trading Honor, please report them using the “Spamming” report! Getting punished by the Tribunal for trading Honor or toxic behavior will reset a player’s Honor to zero across the board, however Honor can still be re-gained after the punishment has expired.

While Honor only serves to show how positive an impact on the community a player makes, Riot Games plans to experiment with potential benefits for it in the future.

Learn more about the Honor system on the League of Legends website.

Source: League of Legends Honor System Now Live

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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