League of Legends creators Riot Games have unleashed their newest creation: Teambuilder.

There's a reason why League of Legends is ahead of DOTA 2 in the popularity stakes and moves such as this are the reason why. One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to MOBA's is joining a random match and being unable to fulfill the role you like to play. If you've a specific hero you only want to play, down one specific lane, it isn't always possible in random matches. This Teambuilder is designed to fix that.

Team Builder lets you queue up for the specific champion, role and position you want to play, and connect with a team of four teammates who’ve also chosen their preferred champion and role. With Team Builder, you can choose to build or find a team where everyone’s in agreement on what to play and where to go. All that’s left is to figure out together how you’ll dominate the opposition.

What I love so much about this is that it's plugging a need for players like me whom aren't massively experienced in MOBA's but also allowing experienced players with a distinct playstyle and preference the opportunity to form a solid team. The fact it's a separate queue and isn't replacing anything already in existence is also great.

You can read much more about the new Teambuilder here.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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