Lord of the Rings Online is an MMOG that well and truly passed me by, but it's clear it has a significant following. Over on the official forums a new post has reared its head to discuss a multitude of topics, covering region revamps, kinships, housing and "epic" battles.  The list is pretty extensive and the answers very open - it's nice to see. 

Overall the main elements covered revolved around what is coming with Update 13, with North Downs seeing some changes, while Misty Mountains and Trollshows will be retooled. There's also plans to create content for northern Mirkwood and Gladden Fields

We have plans for areas that aren’t directly on the path of the main LotR story, but they’re prioritized below major events for now. We’ve strayed from the path of the Fellowship before and certainly will again, but the story is moving forward into interesting territory and we don’t want to miss that.

Head on over to the forum here to read all about it.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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