No, they were at a barbecue. Sort of. We didn't cook them.

What can be more informative than a Developer Chat? Questions are asked, Developers dance, and people speculate. RadarX recently attended a chat and brings back the highlights of what was revealed. Don't miss out on discussion of Book 10, player housing, and much more.

One of the early questions asked was, "The champion class got an update in Book 9. Which class will be getting an update in Book 10, and what kind of skills can that class look forward to receiving?" Annuvin replied, "Book 10 is the combo month of the Hunter and the Captain. As a general rule, we're trying to make roles a lot more clear for each class, as well as ensuring they have broader bases. You can expect the Hunter to be gaining more damage capability, in addition to more types of traps, while the Captain is going to gain more options as well."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016