It’s patch day once again for The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). One day after the end of PAX East, Turbine deployed its latest update to LOTRO with Update 13: The Breaking of Isengard to bring a close to the epic storyline of volume three thanks to the wrath of the Ents.

The latest massive new update adds a pair of new areas for players to explore with the Entwood and a flooded version of Isengard. That last one is when the Ents thoroughly handed Saruman’s forces their arse in the battle of Isengard and the fall of Orthanc.

The update also includes a few other big changes, one of which is a revamp of the inventory system, allowing players to better customize their inventory with sizing for the bag window and the option to purchase additional bag slots. Other options also allow for more inventory personalization by moving bag slots from one bag to another if you’re looking to keep things organized for specific bag storage.

Another big change was made to the in-game mailing system, which now allows the option to include up to 10 attachments in item or stack form to be sent to other players. VIP players also gain the option to open their mail directly from the mail icon without having to visit a mailbox at a hub. Turbine also added an option that allows for certain items purchased in the LOTRO Store to be mailed to other players for a small fee of Mithril Coins. Additionally, people that are on your ignore list (annoying gold sellers or trolls for example), will have any mail that they send to you bounced back to them along with any included attachments, items, or coins.

There’s some other good news in this update as well if you’re a Free or Premium access status player. Turbine has made some adjustments to the Ettenmoors, allowing both of those access tiers to take their Freep characters into the Ettenmoors for a little PvP fun. There is, however, a catch. In order to do so you’ll need to purchase a temporary moors pass that will cost you a fee of Mithril Coins.

Once a player has the pass, they can access the Ettenmoors starting at level 20. Once there, characters will be scaled up to the level cap and can join the Free People of Middle-earth side for a little PvP action.

Just a few other things to expect in today’s update includes three additional zone revamps for the Misty Mountains and Goblin Town, the North Downs, and the Trollshaws, a new level 95 resource instance, a number of balance adjustments for skills, the addition of a new confirmation checkbox to avoid any accidental changes or deletions to mail and items, and a rather lengthy list of adjustment, tweaks, and bug fixes for classes, crafting, instances, raids, and more.

There is just one more thing. Turbine finally tossed that troublesome Pando client that was previously used during installation and replaced it with a non-peer-to-peer version of the Akamai NetSession client. And if you haven’t already taken that out for your LOTTRO, League of Legends, or any other thing that might have used it, make sure to do that as soon as possible since someone was using it for nefarious things.

While you get patched up with Update 13 today, be sure to read the official patch notes for the full rundown of the latest content and changes.

Source: LOTRO Update 13 Patch Notes

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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