This week Maplestory celebrates its 4th anniversary and I think it is safe to say that there may not be another birthday bash like the one they are throwing! Along with the usual fun, events, and prizes the fan favorite mob boss Big Puff Daddy will be summoned for players to engage in an epic battle of player versus cake. If you haven't seen this guy, check out the screenshots below and see what a angry giant birthday cake looks like!

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Nexon America Inc. ( welcomes gamers to celebrate the fourth anniversary of its epic free-to-play game, MapleStory ( Launched on May 11, 2005, MapleStory became a legend in online games with its amazing social features, rich art style and open world opportunities. Players have flocked to MapleStory with over 92 million worldwide users and over six million users in North America.

Maplers have traveled through the many lands of the game’s vast world, as well as unleashed the game’s traits of individuality and freedom beyond its game borders. Players have turned MapleStory into an online video mainstay through blogs, community fan sites and fan videos. Over 200,000 videos are available by searching MapleStory at YouTube.

“After four years of service in North America, MapleStory continues to evolve and surprise us all. We are very grateful to our loyal fans and this celebration is for them,” said Min Kim, Nexon America’s Vice President of Marketing. “MapleStory fans have helped create something special and we’re going to reward them with new, exciting content to enjoy throughout the summer and beyond.”

The anniversary celebration will feature:

· Fourth Anniversary Maple Weapons - Monsters will be dropping special anniversary weapons. Or the players can exchange previous anniversary weapons and Maple Leaves for new Fourth Anniversary Weapons, Maple Hats, Maple Shields, Maple Earrings, or Fourth Anniversary Scrolls.

· Item Upgrades - Maple Hat and Maple Earrings obtained through monsters are upgradable using Maple Leaves. The earrings can be upgraded by completing additional quests.

· Leveling Up Event - Each time players levels up, they will receive Maple Leaves. The number of Maple Leaves rewarded will vary depending on the level. Higher level players will receive more Maple Leaves.

· GM Events - The GMs will run special events and summon last year’s anniversary boss, Big Puff Daddy, at random times.

· Monster Transformations – Any player can transform into one of MapleStory’s monsters for a given period of time.

· 4 Candle Event - Nexon is giving away 1,200 prizes over 40 days, including in-game items, Nexon Game Cards, digital cameras, iPod Touch and a laptop computer. Players who play for 40 minutes will receive a candle. Once a player has a candle, they can receive up to four pieces of cake for each successive 40 minutes of game play. Players who get four pieces of the cake will have a chance to win.

· Maple Quiz – Players can take the Maple Quiz. For every question a player gets right, five Maple Leaves and a special cake will be rewarded.

There will also be daily events to commemorate the anniversary. Go to for further details.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016