Masthead Studios recently took the time to address more questions and concerns from the community about their upcoming MMOG Earthrise. The questions chosen were essentially from the "Question of the Week" thread discussions and answers several questions posed by players such as skill experimentation and how long a player has to test drive a skill before it locks in.

Within the tutorial portion of the game, players will be able to experiment with one signature ability from several skills. This ability is provided by mnemonic adaptation kit that imprints limited memory that allows newly-cloned individuals to experience the execution of certain complex tasks in order to stimulate their brain to respond positively and therefore allowing them to find their future profession on Enterra. Simply put, it lets you test drive certain skills - such as using weapons, crafting, etc. - before you dedicate yourself to development of those skill. The mnemonic adaptation kit uses digital rights management that makes memory unavailable outside the cloning facility to prevent black market distribution of enforced knowledge; therefore once your character leaves the tutorial zone, he is returned back to a blank slate. Still, acquiring and using any automatically imprinted memory inside the tutorial zone is rewarded.

The team also answered questions about equipment, Criminal Karma, and bribing officials. After all, what game is complete without a little bribery? You can read the responses here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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