If you're trying to stay spoiler free for the Fallout 4 launch you may want to avert your eyes. The internet has been flooded with new gameplay footage for Fallout 4, most of which has been compiled in this pastebin by Eurogamer. Each video runs about 5 minutes in length and mainly covers the introduction of the game, including the character creation screens and pre- war story. 

Along with the videos there has been a wave of screenshots released on (where else) Neogaf showing all sorts of different locations and even some shots of the female protagonist. WHile the images will have been compressed for the web, they still look very impressive and spell good things to come in the Fallout 4 graphics department. 

The biggest find however has to be the complete Special chart discovered. Well it's not so much the chart as what the folks over on the official Fallout reddit did with it. Using the information on hand, they were able to figure out all of the different unlocks and when you unlock them. Pretty clever stuff that you can check out here.


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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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