With $1 million in total prizes and $250,000 to the first place finisher this is a AAA tournament.  

The members of the Magic Pro League (MPL) will face off against some of the biggest names in Magicgaming and streaming as well as select, top-ranked MTG Arena challengers in a 64-player brawl for their share of $1 million with $250,000 going to first place. This is all happening March 28–31 at PAX East in Boston, Mass., and streaming aaaalll weekend on twitch.tv/magic.

The players of Magic Pro League, some invited streamers and the Top 8 players from MTGA's February Season will play for some incredible prize money. E-sports afficianados can use this harrahs casino promo code that is now available. 

Place Prize
1st place $250,000
2nd $125,000
3rd $70,000
4th $45,000
5th–16th $12,500
17th–64th $7,500

The members of the MPL include: 

The following non-MPL players, consisting of streamers, influencers and the like have also been invited:

The top 8 Magic the Gathering Arena players will also earn a spot and a chance at the prize money.  

The final 8 slots in the Mythic Invitational will be filled with the best of the best constructed players in MTG Arena during the Feb. 1-28 preseason. Here’s how it’s going to work. 

Achieving Mythic ranking is difficult, and getting to the top 8 is an even greater accomplishment. One worthy of an invitation to a $1 million tournament. You can play and win in ranked constructed, which includes best-of-one and best-of-three play.

We’ll be publishing official rankings of the top 100 weekly throughout the month of February and emailing players in the top 1000 once the season concludes. Note that your listed in-game ranking may not be accurately reflected in your displayed ranking, as the ranking system considers games played by other players that may not be visible moment-by-moment in what is displayed for any given player. All rankings will be final as of noon PT on Thursday, February 28.

Then, by Monday, March 4, we will email final, certified rankings to every player in the top 1,000. We’ll also contact the top 8 directly for more information. The top 8 will receive hotel and airfare accommodations for themselves and a four-day PAX East badge for themselves and one guest.For more details including additional rules and eligibility click here.

You can read all of the details, including who will be playing at the official MTGA Mythic Invitational website

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Last Updated: Feb 04, 2019

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