After rumors of Gravity Gaming's League of Legends team being sold for around $1 million arose earlier this month, we were left wondering who would have made that purchase. Today, we found out that it's former Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers star, Rick Fox.

The three time NBA champion immediately becomes the highest-profile athlete to invest in competitive gaming, though it's not his first foray into the gaming world. Fox had previously partnered with Twin Galaxies, the official world gaming record authority. He also donated his championship rings to the #Right2Game campaign, which works towards the elevation of video gamers worldwide.

Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise after he asked NBA star Gordon Hayward about Doublelift going to Team SoloMid during an interview, but this is definitely a personal passion for Fox. He released this statement about the new venture:

“As a professional athlete, businessman and proud member of the gaming community, I see the way that the eSports world is growing and I know we are on the verge of something massive. The opportunity to parlay my experience in sports, entertainment and gaming into a leadership role with Echo Fox is exciting and humbling. This decision is equal parts business and personal for me.

The desire, focus, dedication and work ethic that I have seen from athletes in the eSports space reminds me of the competition I felt as I pursued a career in basketball. My passion was supported and embraced by society and, as owner of Echo Fox, I plan to be an advocate for our athletes in the same way.”

The new Echo Fox has some work to do in a short amount of time. The team currently has no players signed, and only Kang “Move” Min-su and Lae-young “Keane” Jang are currently unsigned from the previous roster. There's no doubt that Fox will work to put together the strongest lineup possible, and compete with the best in the North American LCS.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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