It's like an anime MMOG.

There's a new game in town, and it's Mabinogi, from Nexon.

Nexon America Inc., the U.S. division of Asia's leading online entertainment company Nexon Group, delivers the open beta for Mabinogi, its free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), on March 5. Slated for release later this spring, users can create their own personal "Fantasy Life," by signing up for the open beta during an exclusive 24-hour play period at or afterward at

Open beta users will tap into a world that has already birthed a civilization of more than seven million fans in Asia, and will retain these characters through the commercialization of the game. With over 30,000 users signing up for the recent closed beta, the open beta should prove a similar success providing players an opportunity to discover a beautiful 3-D, cell-shaded art style, featuring anime-type characters and gruesome monsters.

The open beta delivers users numerous new areas to visit, including more dungeons to explore. It also offers North American players a first chance to burrow into new game skills such as cooking, enchanting, meditation and composing music.

These are just the first phases of Mabinogi's deep, online universe, where players experience all facets of fantasy life. Dazzling 3-D graphics boast an art style based in Celtic and Welsh mythology, which also gives Mabinogi its name and foundation. Mabinogi provides a new experience with its gameplay variety, unique combat system and orderly time element and age component, to provide additional depth to Nexon's latest free-to-play offering. In addition to traditional MMO features – challenging adventures, exciting group quests and a plethora of fearsome monsters – Mabinogi offers a much fuller "life" for its players. Players can increase experience by taking jobs, such as cooking, shearing sheep or other farming duties. The game's unique music program allows users to write and share music in MIDI formatted files.

You can read more about the game and grab the beta client at the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016