Warhammer Online is full of monsters, critters and different races. One of the most noticeable is the race of Ogres. You've seen them around, there's one in the High Elven Tier 1 Warcamp, a few in Altdorf, in the Chapter 2 camp of the Orcs, and other places. These giants are fearsome in appearance and because they act as mercenaries, are in both the Order and Destruction areas as foes and allies.

Ogres will smash and eat anything, preferably in that order, although for the purpose of digestion it is all the same to them. Of the many things that set Ogres apart from other races, their legendary digestion is probably the most outrageous feature. Ogres are known to eat their prey raw. In fact, some incredible legends tell of Ogres who went so far as to devour the siege weapons of conquered enemies to celebrate their victory.

You can learn more about the Ogre race by reading GOA's introduction to the NPC Races over at the WAR Herald.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016