Burning Dog Media launched the closed beta for their upcoming MMORPG, Origins of Malu, earlier this month. Unfortunately, the initial launch was less than stellar. But hey, that’s what betas are for.

In a new update on the Origins of Malu website, the devs talk about some of the good things that have come out of the recent testing. This includes improvements to the infrastructure that have improved stability and latency. The devs also praised the community and reflected on some of the lessons learned from overloading the servers.

In contrast, the update also took some time to talk about some of the bad stuff as well. As with an actual beta test, this ranged from game asset issues to account management issues to the problems of the first beta phase and more. Burning Dog also discussed the strain of being an underfunded Indy developer.

"We are feeling the brute force of being a unfunded indie now, server costs and making sure people are keeping to schedule is becoming hard to manage, more so when you can get guaranteed time out of your developers. This is by far our single biggest issue right now and we are taking steps to resolve this. Remember almost ALL the work on this project is done by our developers in their off time so making sure we stick to dates is a priority. We try our absolute best to manage, we are learning to be more vague and take a little more time to make sure it will be done so we don't disappoint."

The update concluded with a preview of what’s left for this testing phase and what’s in store for the next. In the current phase housing pieces will be reduced in cost to allow players a chance to build all they want, a mass PvP test will be announced in the coming days, and another pair of major updates will be released sometime soon.

Source: Origins of Malu Beta Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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