Not two months have passed since Paladins went into Open Beta on September 16th, and today Hi-Rez accompanied their impressive player figures with news of the game's first premier tournament next month.

From the press release:

“Paladins has a thriving community full of people who not only play Paladins themselves but love to watch others play at a competitive level,” Said Dan McHugh, Esports Manager of Hi-Rez Studios. “Every week there are new Paladins players making names for themselves, and this tournament will provide the rising stars of the growing Paladins community a chance to show their skills.”

The Evie’s Winter Classic takes place from November 12th - December 18th in the space between the end of the Champion’s Circuit Gauntlet and the Paladins Invitational at Hi-Rez Expo where the best Paladins teams in the world will play for $150,000.

To join the open beta, check out the Paladins official site. For more information on next month's Paladins Invitational, here's the Paladins eSports portal.

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Last Updated: Nov 08, 2016

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