OB48 brings a brand new support hero to Paladins: Seris. As a support Champion who doesn't neccesarily play like any other (she feels more akin to a hybrid class, if you ask me), she should prove a solid addition to the existing roster. Where other changes in the update are concerned, there's buffs for Cassie, nerfs for Bomb King and pretty much no changes for Tyra (why?). You can view the patch notes here

Where our giveaway is concerned, all you have to do is comment on whether or not you think Seris will be a viable support Champion and importantly, do you think she'll unseat Yin from her throne? The best comments will be contacted and given the skin on Monday 24 April. It should also be noted there are no restrictions on the number of comments you can make. Good luck! 

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Last Updated: Apr 21, 2017

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