In a lengthy Paragon blog post by EPIC, they've detailed significant changes coming to the game. The changes are drastic and will change the game, I think, much for the better. Many of the issues players have complained about have been adjusted while there's fundamental design changes to things such as armor and damage that bring it much more in line with other MOBAs. For a TLDR: 

  • The speed of the game is being increased, meaning players will move quicker in combat. We don't know by how much, but it's expected to be significant. 
  • Scaling across all Heroes has been adjusted, we just don't know by how much. 
  • Damage types have been changed to just "basic attacks" and "ability damage". This change also affects armor (now basic and ability). 
  • Cooldown reduction is being removed and all abilities have had their cooldowns significantly reduced. 
  • All Heroes are receiving significant changes and/or balance updates.
  • There's a new categorization for Heroes called "Traits" that describe their gameplay. Gideon is a Burst / Assassin / Elusive / Sieger.
  • Shadow Pads are being removed, replaced with Fog Walls that block all vision. 
  • Wards are receiving significant changes to only provide line of sight detection. 
  • Monolith (the new map) arrives on December 6th. 

Read the blog post in full, here

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Last Updated: Nov 23, 2016

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