With Monolith set to be released on December 6th (we've a play test of it soon!) there's a new blog post from EPIC discussing Monolith's offlane. That's effectively the short-lane, to the left of your spawn point. It's going to play a key part in the new map. 

Money Isn’t Everything
Guarding the Offlane is a fun but perilous endeavor. The likely case is fighting two versus one and that can be tricky. As a player might expect, it can be challenging to secure last hits in this lane as there is going to be at least one and probably two heroes poking at you every time you try to score a minion kill. Offlaners needn’t worry too much though; as mentioned in the previous blog, the Offlane is experience rich. We want players to understand that while important, card power isn’t the only measure of strength in Paragon.

Experience is very important as it has a big impact in increasing the power of your abilities and base stats. Playing in the Offlane is about managing your resources until your experience advantage can take hold. That could mean something different for each hero. It might be a spike in your ability damage or hitting level five and grabbing your ultimate ability before your opponent.

As always it's well worth a read, so be sure to head to the blog post

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Last Updated: Nov 11, 2016

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