When you hear the name Planet Calypso, the first thing that might come to mind is the exceptionally large auctions the game has that tend to bring in insanely high amounts of real-world cash. But despite that labeling factor, there consist a real game beyond the hyped auctions with a real storyline. Recently, a warning went out to players of a new robot threat. The last time such an event occurred, the dreaded Robot War Titan smashed through the defenses of the Calypso capital Hadesheim, leaving a path of destruction in his wake as he left a large smoldering crater where the city once stood.

This played well with the storyline as the game implemented CryEngine2, leading to the rebirth of the city. But players now face another threat from their would-be robot overlords.

On the anniversary date, the colonists intercepted several robot messages that after having been decoded, hinted furtherer massive robot attacks against Calypso. In a painful reminder of last year’s failed defense, colonists from newcomers to veterans have gathered up to battle the robots once again. This time, the robots have arrived with new technology, an ever-evolving monster they have chosen to call the “Hydra”.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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