Hossin, a new swamp continent, has been release for Sony Online Entertainment's popular MMOFPS, Planetside 2. The new swamp gives all three factions new terrain to master while working to defeat their opponents, all the while learning how to master a new type of battle experience that is being added into Planetside 2.

"Hossin is a massive new continent that will introduce an entirely new type of battle experience toPlanetSide 2. With its swamp-like terrain and natural barriers, players combat skills will be challenged like never before. Facilities and bases are scattered throughout, making infantry combat the most important it's ever been," said Matt Higby, Creative Director, PlanetSide 2. "Hossin adds an insane element to PlanetSide 2's ground / air combat strategy. We are eager to hear community feedback, particularly since Hossin will be continuously updated and enhanced for a long time to come."

June in fact brings a ton of new content to Planetside 2, beyond just the new continent. First up, Outfit Recruiting. If you're not familiar with how easy it is to post that your guild is looking for members or how to find a guild in EverQuest II, then this will be a whole new concept for you. Honestly, every game should have a similar system and this will surely be a welcome addition to Planetside 2. It makes it far easier on everyone, since those looking to join can quickly window shop around for outfits to find ones looking for more that match their ideal concept of an outfit. Outfits can post exactly what they're looking for, have discussions directly with potential members when they contact the outfits and no longer have a need to spam chat with recruitment messages /shudder.

Here's a breakdown of how the system will work in Planetside 2: outfit leaders write up a description about their outfit in the window pane and select that they are looking for more members. Players looking to join outfits pull up a similar pane and select that they are looking to join an outfit. This brings up a list of outfits that are currently recruiting, which a player can then look through and select an outfit that looks good to him or her. They can apply to the outfit right in the game, which then creates an application for outfit leaders to review. Leaders can then look at a player's profile and decide to add them to the outfit or discuss recruitment further. Players don't have to worry about accidentally applying to the same outfit more than once – the system will let them know if they've already applied. They can also remove their application if they wish.

Second up, when an outfit is the top contributor to capturing a base, the area captured is now identified as belonging to your outfit. This can have pluses and minuses. For one, seeing who's put in the effort to take over an area is pretty cool, and if it's your outfit, there's a great sense of pride to go with that. However, this can also mean that instead of those who lead the charge, base campers become identified as the outfit the area belongs to.

Third up is continent locking, which will allow for the three factions to assume one of the three current continents to become their empire's home. This will open up the state of the world to the players, who will be able to control things such as when a continent is available to be contested and which one. Battles will scale depending on the amount of participants and the development team is aiming to create a system that is meaningful, appealing to players, and impactful in a positive way. For more information on content locking and everything else listed here, see the Planetside 2 Roadmap.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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