SOE has put together a new way for players to be proactive in the discussion for future development of PlanetSide 2 with the six-month Roadmap. The new feature provides some of the hot topics that serve as the focus for possible development that month and allows players to vote topics up and dow and actively discuss the ones that they feel are most important.

Some of the topics for January include a spawn room tunnel system to provide extra routes of escape from a camped spawn room, rendering distance changes based on threat, tower redesign, better secured spawn rooms and more. As mentioned earlier, the Roadmap spans the next six months, so there are several other topics waiting in the wings. Head over and give them a look and let your thoughts on the development of PlanetSide 2 be heard.

If you're concerned that this may end up in a "mob rules" sort of development problem, SOE boss John Smedley addressed that concern on Reddit, where he explained that the new roadmap is a way for SOE to "gauge sentiment about a particular topic." The roadmap also allows for an active discussion with a Reddit style voting system.

Source: PlanetSide 2 Roadmap

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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