Sony has finally caught a bit of a break with the Playstation Network (PSN) fiasco that will finally let some customers breathe a sigh of relief as the PSN enters its 8th day of downtime following a breach that could have compromised the personal information of millions of players. Luckily, a report from GameSpot indicates that financial companies Wells Fargo, American Express, and MasterCard have seen "no unauthorized activity relating to Sony." While this is far from an all clear, it does at least show that the credit card information of users may not have been compromised.

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The Sony data breach has also prompted government investigations and at least one lawsuit against Sony by Ira Rothken of the California-based Rothken Law Firm and John Parker of Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff, LLP, filed a class action suit against Sony/Sony Computer Entertainment of America over the security breach alleging that the company did not, "take reasonable care to protect, encrypt, and secure the private and sensitive data."

Sony is also under investigation by Britain's Information Commissioner, Canada's Privacy Commissioner and one angry US Senator Richard Blumenthal calling for a Department of Justice investigation into the breach, all are looking for answers as to why the breach occurred and why so many people's personal information was compromised. Senator Blumenthal has posted another response on his website and dispatched a letter to DoJ Attorney General Eric Holder calling for an immediate investigation into the hackers and Sony's privacy practices.

“Any individual hacking into the PlayStation Network online and stealing personal information would appear to be criminally liable. It is vital that we aggressively investigate these hackers and hold them accountable,” wrote Blumenthal in the letter. “I am especially concerned about Sony’s failure to promptly notify its customers about the breach and what data may have been compromised… This week-long delay in disclosing a possible breach of financial information is unacceptable, and left consumers highly vulnerable and primarily reliant on the varied quality of whatever anti-fraud protections may be provided by their banks or credit card providers. Any investigation of this matter should include a thorough inquiry into whether Sony’s handling of events in the wake of its security breach gives rise to civil or criminal liability.”

The good news is that as far as we know, DC Universe Online and Free Realms Playstation 3 should be unaffected by the loss of information despite not being able to log in and play. SOE is working on a "make good" plan for those players. Details of what they come up with will be posted to each game's official forums.



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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