In this week in dumb, Sony seems to be getting it from all over the place. A certain group of idiots not only thought it hysterical to DDoS the entire PlayStation Network, but they also found out what plane President of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, was on and tweeted that there was an explosive on the craft. Because Homeland Security does not take these types of threats lightly, Smed's plane was diverted into Phoenix for a security check. All in all, it's a huge pain in the ass for Smedley and others to go through just because some bored kids are throwing a tantrum.

I'll say it over and over again, if you don't like the way something is being done at a company, criticize them constructively. Say what's bothering you, say why and do it in a manner that will make your words be heard. When you act like a petulant child playing the dumbest jokes possible, no one is going to care about what you're saying. You might as well be a two-year-old in a grocery store crying to mom because she won't buy you a Mr Goodbar.

As if the tweet from something calling itself LizardSquad that got Smed's plane grounded isn't enough, some really funny guy (in case it's not obvious, that's sarcasm here, folks) calling itself ReLapseTriix is lulzing through the comments to not only continuously state that there is a bomb on the plane, but that also Smedley is besties with the terrorist group ISIS. Super original there, that guy. In supreme Internet Tough Guy manner, this dode claims it will not be a part of any investigation, because it is tweeting in an untraceable manner. Please excuse me, I need to spit my coffee all over my monitor in a laughing fit.

Smed is really not amused with your idea of a hoax.

I've worked in the gaming industry and particularly in community long enough to understand where trolls come from. On forums, you generally have two types of trolls. The first one is the guy who's had a really bad day, but because you're his community, he's going to take it out on you. Dude generally just needs a 24 hour time out after spamming nonsense on the forums to chill out, and then he'll return as a decent community member. The other type is the super passionate type. This guy doesn't know how to properly channel that passion into anything constructive. This is the kind of guy who, when he doesn't get his way, throws a tantrum all over the forums until he's permanently banned. Then, in a true manner to really show you and stick it to the man, on forums tied to accounts that require subscriptions and game keys, he'll purchase a new game just to continue acting out. He's your two year old wanting that Mr Goodbar and the forum moderators are mom saying no.

People like this generally start off with what they think is a good intention and a purpose. This however quickly devolves into bomb threats and saying Smedley is a member of ISIS. Since the FBI is now involved, these guys went from being Internet Tough Guys acting out in a manner that's only funny to them to being fitted for an orange jump suit in no time flat. You can't just go around making threats like this and think that you can continue to just high five your buddies because your joke is just that hysterical. For whatever reason, these people were not socialized correctly as children, and they're soon to learn the hard way that they have the worst idea in practical jokes, ever.

What will come of this? Honestly, not much can come of this, except for jail time for these miserable individuals calling themselves LizardSquad and ReLapseTriix. In a post 9-11 world (not that this was funny before then, either), America no longer has a sense of humor about threatening tweets regarding bombs and aircrafts. To put it short: y'all need better hobbies. All of this energy could be focused on creating a better world, but instead, you're coming off as children who aren't getting their way. Your timeout, though, will be a prison sentence.

Dear readers, why do you think people find dumb shit like this funny? While I do understand trolls to a certain degree, this is far beyond my grasp of understanding. I just don't get it. There's nothing funny about being a bully and there's certainly nothing funny trying to say there is a bomb on Smedley's plane and that he's in ISIS. The whole thing is just remarkably stupid. Anyway, I hope Smedley's day gets better really soon.

PS, thanks to Martuk for the tip. Nothing like some good ol' Sunday afternoon ragey news!

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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