The Secret World now has a full week of launch under its belt and this week Senior Producer and Creative Director Ragnar Tørnquist chimed in with what’s in store for the future of the conspiracy-based MMOG. One thing that players will have to look forward to is free monthly content, the first of which will arrive on July 31st.

We're going to be releasing fresh and tasty new content FREE to our subscribers on a regular, monthly basis. The first update is due on Tuesday, July 31st, and we will be releasing more details about that particular update later this week -- including a couple of fun surprises. (You're going to love it.)

Tørnquist served up a few more details about what the monthly content updates will contain. Some of the stuff you can look forward to as time goes on include monthly mission packs featuring fully-voiced cutscenes, new weapons, raids, more character customization options, a PvP dungeon, seasonal events and a lot more. Read the full State of the Game for all the details.

Source: State of the Game, July 2012

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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