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Holiday season layoffs impact EA, Ebenezer Scrooge suspected.

Earlier this month an anonymous blogger referred to as EA Louse posted an inflammatory blog claiming that they were part of a planned layoff at EA scheduled to take place later this year. While many have speculated that there was no credibility to the bloggers words because there was no way to confirm whether or not EA indeed had layoffs planned. However, earlier today Shacknews reported something that could confirm at least some of what EA Louse posted. A source told Shacknews that as many as 100 people at EA may have been laid off just in time for the holidays.

Joystick later confirmed the layoffs through EA corporate communication spokesperson Jeff Brown, who explained that the "seasonal roll-offs" (aka layoffs) are a common thing following game launches. Despite that, I will call it what it is, layoffs, and not that attempt to fluff the word with "seasonal roll-offs."

This marks the third year in a row that layoffs have hit EA near the holiday season. EA would not confirm which studios have been affected, but according to Shacknews's source, EA Canada and EA Black Box were named and the teams behind NBA Elite 11 and Skate 3 as well as employees from the EA Sports Active teams were also impacted. Stay tuned and we'll update when we have more and if any of the MMOG teams have been cut by the layoffs.

As always our best wishes go out to those affected by the layoffs.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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