Riot Meddler took to the boards to give us some insight into what's in the works for League of Legends. Here's the quick and dirty rundown of what's to come:


  • Work on the preseason patch has been ongoing for the last few months. Changes are coming for champions, items, vision, etc. and will be on the PBE relatively soon.
  • Riot is happy with the current state of Kindred so far, and feels they're in a good place. No Kindred buffs or nerfs will be coming next patch, but there will be some bugfixes.
  • Riot believes Mordekaiser is currently too strong in a duo lane, and not strong enough in a solo lane. The amount of bonus experience he gets when sharing with allies will be cut down in patch 5.21, with possible buffs to base damage in patch 5.22 to help out solo lane Morde. Also, his new title "Lord of Death" isn't sticking around, due to being terrible (my words, not theirs.) Thanks to a user suggestion, Morde's new title will be the significantly better "The Iron Revenant".
  • Poppy will be the next big champion update, and a lot of work has already been done. This will be a Sion/Gangplank level rework, meaning a full overhaul of abilities, visuals, voiceover, etc. Meddler noted that Poppy's Heroic Charge will be the only ability that remains similar to her current kit, which means her ridiculous passive and ultimate that currently exist will be gone, much to everyone's joy. They're still aiming to keep the feel of a "small, noble, determined warrior who smacks others around with a large hammer."
  • The World Championships are helping the Gameplay teams decide where they want to focus. The lack of diversity for top-tier jungle champions was specifically mentioned, as well as stating that certain champs have balance changes already underway, and others such as Tahm Kench (who went from being almost unplayable to likely overtuned) are being closely monitored.
  • Riot won't be doing much in the near future in the way of small balance changes, given that the game as a whole is going to fundamentally change in the preseason.


There you have it! Preseason will be here before you know it, and it sounds like they intend to once again shake things up significantly. Nothing to do now but watch some more Worlds!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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