Corrective Patch seems like such a strong word. But there you have it folks. When our favorite team of MMOG superheroes sends a patch down the wire it's because someone hosed it all up. At least the Ryzom team has the gall to admit it.

We will apply a corrective patch to the live servers tomorrow Thursday. They will thus be unavailable from 11am to 3pm GMT+1 (Paris time).

In a nutshell:
- The Outpost forage tool will be craftable;
- War declaration costs will increase;
- You will not be able to cancel a war declaration anymore;
- A guild won't be able to abandon its Outpost anymore. Unless if it owns 10 Outposts (the maximum a guild can own), in which case it can abandon 1;
- When you leave an Outpost area during a war session, an Outpost PvP timer starts and lasts for 10 minutes, which is the time you have to wait before not being involved in PvP anymore.
Each time you will heal an ally or attack an enemy of the Outpost within this time, the timer will restart to 10 minutes.
- Respawn points will be safe zones even in PvP;
- Mektoubs won't be exchangeable anymore for the time being;
- Some altars will be back to their right place;
- Tickets at Oflovak Oasis will be fixed.

Enjoy your time in game after it comes back up!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016