Sega has ambitions to expand into the digital space and they’ve acquired San Francisco-based studio Three Rings to help them do it. Three Rings is best known for their Spiral Knights MMOG, but they’re also developing the first MMOG based on the Doctor Who IP with Doctor Who: Worlds in Time. Luckily for fans, Sega has expressed interest in continuing work on both projects. Following the acquisition, Sega stated that it would continue support for Spiral Knights and aid in the launch of Doctor Who: Worlds in Time along with BBC Worldwide.

SEGA is also excited to be collaborating with us and the BBC to bring Doctor Who: Worlds in Time to completion. In particular, SEGA has a very strong presence in the UK, and many SEGA folks there are great fans of the show.

Three Rings CEO Daniel James has posted a letter to the Three Rings website explaining more about the move and how it will affect the developer now that it’s under the Sega umbrella. For the most part it looks like business as usual.

Three Rings will continue to operate as a self-contained development studio inside the SEGA family and will continue to be managed by myself and my colleague Tom Schofield. Our talented crew are excited to be joining SEGA; we all foresee years of great collaborations ahead. Again, no changes to our current development plans have been made, and we of course hope to announce more exciting projects in the future in partnership with SEGA.

Source: Three Rings website


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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