We’ve got more beta news for you this week. Sevencore, one of the newest titles in the gPotato lineup, is heading to closed beta on August 9th, 2012. The fantasy MMORPG boasts to have a diverse mounted combat system, treacherous PvP Occupation War that will involve guild vs guild battles for entire regions. And don’t forget the animal and mechanical mounts.

You can sign up for the closed beta on the Sevencore website.

Sevencore Announces Closed Beta

Train Custom Battle Mounts and Seize Control of an Entire Region

Sunnyvale, Calif. – July 19, 2011 Registration is now open for the closed beta of the upcoming fantasy MMORPG Sevencore!  The highly anticipated closed beta test (CBT) will begin August 9th, inviting players to test the uniquely diverse mounted combat system, treacherous PvP Occupation War, and other exciting features for eleven electrifying days.  Sign up now on the newly redesigned official website!

Sevencore delves into a vibrant world of ancient mysteries and vast landscapes with an assortment of unique mounts to raise and fight with.  Monsters from the wild can be obtained and raised from eggs, becoming powerful fighting companions and skilled mounts. They gain a variety of unique combat skills which allow them to fight beside their masters or ride directly into the fight with their rider aboard in Sevencore’s singular mounted combat system.

Charge into daily Occupation Wars, guild vs guild battles that determine leadership for entire world regions, and win the power to control tax rates, item prices, and more for all players who enter your region. To win these rights, guilds will have to utilize the various skills of Sevencore’s three powerful character classes – Warrior, Magician, and Gunner – to climb their way to the top and hold their seat against opposing guilds.

Joining the beta instantly gives players the chance to win rewards like the Sevencore CBT Cloak or a specially designed Wolf Mount. This fearsome Wolf can summon additional wolves to fight with him and increase his allies’ attack power by 90% with a fearsome howl. 

Sevencore’s in-depth character customization, powerful mounts, and cut-throat politics will come alive August 9th!  Sign up for the closed beta now at the official website.

About Sevencore

Set for release in 2012, Sevencore will immerse gamers in a war-torn world filled with intrigue, rebellion, and ancient mysteries. Battle on land, sea, and sky on the backs of dragons, hoverbikes, and more! Mounts can fight beside their master or ride directly into battle with their own unique skills and abilities. The most powerful warriors can band together in guilds that fight for control of territory in large-scale Occupation Wars, with the winner claiming the right to rule their entire region.

About gPotato

Founded in 2004, gPotato is a leading publisher of free-to-play online games. The gPotato Game Portal at www.gpotato.com hosts a diverse and lively portfolio of games such as Fly for Fun, Rappelz, Iris, Aika, Allods, and Uncharted Waters Online. gPotato now eagerly awaits the upcoming release of its newest MMOs, Sevencore and Eternal Blade! Over 11 million registered users gather to play gPotato’s games for free every day. Through the uniquely powerful vehicle of online games, gPotato connects people from all over the world to create a fun and friendly global community.

About Noria

Noria is an online PC game development company based in Seoul, Korea. It was founded by core developers who have produced such blockbuster online games as MU2 , Ragnarok, and Lineage. Noria brings years of successful development experience to the task of pioneering games and concepts that will leave a mark on the games industry. Sevencore is their first title.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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