Aiming to raise a modest $400k to support ongoing development, Heroic Games Inc. began its Kickstarter phase today for Ship of Heroes - the game directly inspired by lost MMOs that we remember fondly, like City of Heroes, Star Wars Galaxies, and Tabula Rasa. And it does so as a game arguably more feature complete than any other title at this phase of funding.

From the press release:

Ship of Heroes has an unusual goal, which is to recreate the best parts of the Golden Age of MMOs, like a friendly and non-toxic player community, and combine them with a new MMORPG that looks great and enables new levels of gameplay,” said Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games. “There are a lot of elements drawn from this aspiration, including the design of the game, the rules for harvesting and trading, and enabling players to gift their friends with resources - even subscription support.  In particular, 24x7 moderated chat is critical to the creation of the kind of welcoming environment we want to build. Ship of Heroes is designed to be a destination where you go to meet your friends and have great, action-packed adventures, not a game where you play through once and leave.  We're making missions that will be fun to experience again and again with different characters and teammates.”

Ship of Heroes has already demonstrated an amazing level of character customization,” said McGeever, “that is going to increase as the game develops. Not only can you make your character look different from any other character and write a custom backstory, you can select your class,  customize it by choosing the particular powers you want to have, and then further customize by choosing a secondary set of powers, and by allocating stats to each power.  In that way, you can create characters that exactly enable your preferred playstyle.  You will play your own characters, not pre-set character classes with minor changes in appearance or capabilities.”

The Kickstarter page has some a new combat demo and announces reward levels for contributors.

·         Special badges for donors.

·         Reserving hero character names.

·         Early access to the powerful Ship of Heroes character creator.

·         Participation in a Beta test.

·         Participation in one of the Alpha tests for higher levels of donations.

·         The ability for some donors to actually use the dev tools and create a limited number of NPCs for the game (to be added at the developer’s discretion). 

·         Subscription months, including months that can be given to friends as gifts to launch them into the game. 

·         Top donors can name streets, or help design or name giant monsters in the game, working with the developers who will make final decisions.  

·         The single largest donor gets to co-determine the purpose of one of the iconic buildings in Apotheosis City, working directly with the game developers.  In case of ties, the first to donate wins.

If interested, check out the Ship of Heroes Kickstarter, as well as our first look at Ship of Heroes and the official site.

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Last Updated: Apr 04, 2017

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