Community feedback has brought new changes to PlanetSide 2’s membership plans. This week Creative Director Matt Higby took to the PlanetSide 2 forums to update the community on the latest changes. Some of the changes include the removal of the increased resource pool cap in favor of 500 Station Cash per month, monthly bonus gains for subscribing longer and more. Check out the full list below.

Source: PlanetSide 2 Membership Changes

  • 25-50% increased resource gain.
  • 25-50% increased XP gain.
  • 25-50% increased passive cert point gain.

    • Note: Each of the above start at 25% and increase by 5% per month of sustained membership up to a total bonus of 50% each at 6+ months membership.
  • Priority login queue
  • Early Access to new cosmetic items on the store
  • 500 StationCash each month

Price will be 14.99 / month

A couple notes on this revised plan:

  1. You'll notice that we've removed the previous membership benefit of "increased resource pool caps", this was as a direct result to community feedback. We thought about this a lot and decided it did give a potential gameplay advantage to members. We removed this benefit and added 500 SC to the membership offering to compensate for the removal.
  2. Several of the benefits have an increasing value the longer you maintain your membership. If you buy a multi-month sku you will be automatically elevated to the bonus value for the last month of that sku, so if you bought a 6-month membership sku you would immediately receive the 50% increased cert gain. If your membership lapses you will have 30 days to reestablish your membership to retain the increased bonus amounts.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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