If you are a fan of SOE games then you might have more than one subscription or enjoy the benefits of an All Access subscription. Rather than manage your games separately, the Station Launcher organizes your favorite SOE games and allows for community features unlike anything you've ever experienced!

- No more need for multiple desktop shortcuts and launch pads for all your Station games. Station Launcher offers one easy to use and secure application that delivers all your favorite Station games and services right to your computer.

- It doesn't matter if you are looking for the newest Station game, latest expansion, card pack, news update or Dev chat - the Station Launcher has all your Station games and information on file so everything is just a click away!

- Stay connected to friends, meet new players and reconnect with former gaming buddies. Station Launcher makes it easy to connect across all Station games and manage your friends list.

The Launcher is finally out of beta and ready for downloading with a newly updated UI and faster downloading of your game patches. If you haven't check it out yet, you'll definitely want to see The Launcher's features!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016