Sony's trouble continues this week as their Internet Service Provider, So-Net, in Japan was the target of another intrusion. Reuters picked up on the story last Friday, which stated that intruders gained access to the Sony's subsidiary ISP and accessed its customer rewards site last week and stole the redeemable gift points of customers totaling about $1,225.

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style="font-style: italic;">Things just seem to keep getting worse for Sony following last month's breach.

A report from and Reuters details the attack further, noting that hackers also accessed a Thailand website belonging to Sony and added a fake Italian credit card company website page to try and trick users into giving them their personal details. In a surprising twist (no not really) Sony is urging users in the affected areas to change their passwords.

On the bright side, Sony noted that this breach wasn't as bad and that user details were at least not compromised this time. Well, unless you fell for the legit looking credit card page that was added to the official Sony website in Thailand. Still, this shows that Sony's network still needs a little more work.

"At this point in our investigations, we have not confirmed any data leakage. We have not found any sign of a possibility that a third party has obtained members' names, address, birth dates and phone numbers," added the company.

This is another in an increasingly long line of security lapses from Sony following last month's breach that compromised the personal details of more than 100 million user accounts between the Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment. Thus far it appears that Sony's security is still a bit like a leaky ship with plenty of holes that still need to be filled before it goes down with all hands.

According to a revised earnings statement from Sony, the outage from last month's attack that prompted Sony to bring down the Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment services coupled with the earthquake disaster in Japan have now cost the company quite a bit. Forbes reports that Sony will report a $3.2 billion annual loss instead of its original forecasted profit. An estimated $171 million more has been spent on improving security and compensating players with identity theft insurance and free content.




Sony Revised Financial Earnings Statement

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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