Straight from href=""
target="_blank">Final Fantasy XI's Fan Festival
2008, Ten Ton Hammer is
proud to bring you the latest update to the game that 500,000 intense,
social, and hard-working players still enjoy. During the Square Enix
team's development panel this afternoon, the team announced the next
group two abilities for the Dancer. For those MMO gamers that aren't
necessarily into FFXI, these group two abilities are achieved in the
very high end game. The people that do know all about FFXI want the
details, so here are the details:

Saber Dance - Rate of double attack is increased,
although the Dancer
is unable to perform Waltzes with this ability up.

Fan Dance - Reduces physical damage and increases enmity. Dancer is
incapable of using Sambas.

No Foot Rise - Instantly accumulates finishing moves for Dancers to use.

Closed Position - Grants an accuracy and evasion bonus when the player
is face-to-face with the enemy.

FFXI fans need to keep their browsers pointed to Ten Ton Hammer to
learn all of the details from Fan Festival 2008! 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016