The Iconian War has ended in Star Trek Online, the MMO that's the closest thing to a new Star Trek show fans have gotten (which works really well for moving the series lore forward actually), so now they're moving into new stories which I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, are now going to last around a year, versus the previous multi-year story arc. They just released additional details for STO Season 11:

We will be featuring two new story arcs this season, the first of which features Chase Masterson reprising her role as Mirror Leeta. The team has taken the time to completely revamp the Cardassian story arc, and deliver a tight story that delves deeper into the Mirror Universe and their plots against the Prime Universe. Alongside that storyline, we’re also going to take a peek into how the Mirror Universe fared in their version of the Iconian War, and how that fallout could impact the Prime Universe. I’ll give you a hint; it went pretty well for them! They now have the tools and technology to really give the Prime Universe a run for its energy credits through two Deep Space Nine themed queues and a space battlezone in the Badlands. Luckily, the Terran Taskforce Reputation will give you the tools and abilities you’ll need to level the playing field and send the Terran forces back through the looking glass.

Mirror universe? Oh yeah, that's the stuff. The new story will be introduced in the October 27th update, which will see the release of Season 11: New Dawn. One neat thing is that they're also focusing on discovery and first contact with new species, which should be really interesting for Star Trek fans.

You can read details about the update here, otherwise you'll see it on servers Oct 27th.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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