The Dilithium Exchange is now open on Star Trek Online’s Tribble server and available for testing. Executive Producer Stephen D’Angelo has posted a new Path to F2P dev blog to help acquaint players with the new system that will allow the exchange of Dilithium for Cryptic Points or vice versa.

While the new system is similar to the auction house feature used by many other online games, there is a bit more math involved and D’Angelo urges Star Trek Online players to read carefully before posting an offer to avoid selling more or less than intended. The Dilithium Exchange allows players to post offers to buy or sell Cryptic Points for Dilithium by allowing them to make an offer like an auction or by making a bid and waiting to see if anyone decides to sell for the offered price.

On the Sell tab, you can place offers to sell Cryptic Points to other players in exchange for Dilithium. This screen shows you the prices in Dilithium that other people are currently offering to buy Cryptic Points at. Once again, you can select one of the offers and possibly complete the transaction immediately, or you can post a new offer at a different price. Your offer will complete automatically as soon as a buying player offers at your price.

Source: Star Trek Online Path to F2P Dev Blog – Dilithium Exchange

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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