Hey folks! Producer-man here. How are you all? Good, good.

WarCry noticed that SOE Producer Lorin "DeadMeat" Jameson popped into the official Star Wars Galaxies forums to provide a little note on what's up with SWG lately.

It has been pretty busy around here lately with the start of the new year and the release of Chapter 8 earlier this week but I have finally had a chance to catch my breath and drop the community a note. We are all very excited about C8 and the great response we have had so far. I think the new space content is a very cool addition to the game and we as a team definitely learned a lot in the process. The space game in SWG is very good and I encourage folks who have not done much adventuring in space to definitely give it a try. The Pilot community in Star Wars Galaxies is great and definitely willing to help out folks who do not have a lot of experience in The Deep...Of course they are also quite willing to blow you into atoms if you would like as well.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016