The next installment to State of Decay has been partially revealed at last. Fans of Undead Labs’ original zombie apocalypse survival game will be happy to know that the second DLC dubbed Lifeline will include a brand new map. More information is expected to be released about the DLC over the next few weeks, but Undead Labs Community Manager Sanya Weathers did post a few items of what is and isn’t in Lifeline to help manage player expectations.

So, people who don't know anything about video games often think a community weenie's job is creating hype. It...can be? But a much bigger part of the job is about crushing your dreams. Or, as I'm supposed to call it when I'm talking to players, "expectation management."

If you think I'm hinting at giving you chocolate, and instead what you get is a snow cone, my poor little game gets heaps and heaps of pure internet rage. But if I tell you you're getting a snow cone, and then we bust our ass to give you the greatest snow cone we can imagine AND you get the unexpected option of soft serve, things work out better for everyone.

Thus, I want to be super, super clear:

There is no multiplayer component in Lifeline. Jeff's post from last July still stands. If we had started working on multiplayer last July, we would still not be done, there would have been no DLC at all, there would be no PC version, and more importantly from your point of view, there would have been no patches or fixes. In that alternate universe, there would have effectively been silence from the Lab since June.

Feh, I say to that. I was bleeding inside when we announced that multiplayer was being pushed out to our next game, but at the time I thought it was the right call, and now I'm SURE it was the right call.

There is no character customization in Lifeline. Our central concept was that you customized a community by who you chose to rescue and develop. People are who they are when the apocalypse starts, with no chance to minmax. Individual customization, in choosing skills/clothing/facial piercing, is not part of State of Decay.

Lifeline is separate from Breakdown is separate from Original Recipe. Because there are different game systems in all three things, you can't cross back and forth between them. You can't take your community from O.R. over to the map in Lifeline, and you can't bring your beast survivors who've made it to level 19 in Breakdown over to Lifeline.

I don't usually like posting these unless I can immediately tell you what you are going to get, and I can't yet because Geoffrey needs to finish some stuff. I could see some speculation getting out of hand, though, and I never want you to feel disappointed if I can help it. I swear to you that the soft serve is amazing. Please hang in there for a couple weeks.

Source: Lifeline Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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