In all zombie apocalypses there are two very important rules for survival – don’t get bit and don’t get eaten. This week Undead Labs posted a very lengthy list of tips on avoiding those two things from the survivors of their upcoming zombie shooter, State of Decay. The article discusses many of the challenges that players will face such as building a community of survivors, dealing with issues within that community, gathering food, setting up a base of operations and fending off or avoiding the hordes of flesh-eating undead, and what players can do to help ensure their group’s survival.

Injuries and Illness must always be viewed as matters of extreme gravity. It is our experience that any fever may be a precursor to a rapid decline, and the only alternative to recovery is death. With this in mind, we have set up an Infirmary and made it a priority to keep our supply of medications as well-stocked as possible. No one makes it through a week completely unscathed and the wounds inflicted by the dead have an unclean quality than invites infection. Without a trained medical professional in our community, recovery can be rather uncertain, but having medications on hand does make a difference.

You can read more on how not to become a zombie entree in State of Decay on the Undead Labs website.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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