Good news for Undead Labs. Their first title, the sandbox zombie survival horror game, State of Decay, is continuing to become one of the big hits for the Xbox 360. After launching on June 5th, the game quickly sold more than 250k copies, making it the second fastest selling game on XBLA next only to Minecraft. That momentum has continued to build now propelling State of Decay over the half a million mark with over 550k sold.

Along with that good news, Undead Labs also confirmed that it is working on a new Sandbox Mode for State of Decay, which is described as a “pure survival simulation.” Nothing more has been revealed on that as of yet, so stay tuned. In addition to that little tidbit, Undead Labs also confirmed that the PC version for State of Decay is being developed for Steam and has been in development alongside the Xbox 360 version since day 1. There is currently no release date.

Undead Labs is still in negotiations with IP holder Microsoft for the possible development of the multiplayer, online virtual world follow-up to State of Decay with Class4.

Sources: Undead Labs Announcement, Microsoft Press Release

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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